In Defense of Selfishness—Update

In Defense of Selfishness: Why the Code of Self-Sacrifice Is Unjust and Destructive is now 99 days from publication—June 2, 2015. I’m working on the final page proofs, which should be finished by the end of February. The jacket copy is complete. The index is done and it looks great—which is a non-biased comment on my part, since it was prepared not by me but by my wife, Sandra. And endorsement blurbs are coming in to the publisher. I must note that I’ve been extremely pleased at how professional, and how easy to work with, the editors at Palgrave Macmillan have been.

The book will initially be out in hardcover and on Kindle, as well as in an audio version. You will  even see it at some Hudson News airport outlets.

My agent, Mendel Media Group, has secured foreign-translation rights with Finnish and Russian publishers, and is optimistic about getting agreements with other foreign publishers.

No news yet on any movie-rights :)

You can pre-order the book here♦♦

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2 thoughts on “In Defense of Selfishness—Update

  1. Jack Crawford

    I'm particularly interested, as a long-time Objectivist, in what this book has to offer that is new, that has not already been covered in AR's many works.

    1. Peter Schwartz Post author

      There is much new material about altruism, and even about selfishness, in the book. But you’ll have to judge that for yourself. I’ll make a special offer to you, Jack. If you read the book and find very little new in it, I’ll personally refund your money.


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