What if the central idea we’re all taught about morality is wrong?

Virtually everyone regards self-sacrifice as a moral virtue. From childhood on, we are told that serving the needs of others, rather than our own, is the essence of morality and is the means of achieving social harmony. To be ethical—it is believed—is to be altruistic. Even questioning this premise is, to most people, equivalent to entertaining the notion that the earth is flat.

My book questions this premise.

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Testimonial by John Tamny

“A read of Peter Schwartz’s excellent In Defense of Selfishness will make you happy for reminding you in insightful and entertaining fashion that your own happiness is of utmost importance. . . . Where the book becomes most fun is when Schwartz addresses the impoverishing notion that there’s nobility in that which is ‘public,’ and at the same that there’s something untoward about that which is ‘private.’ Schwartz asks ‘why is a city-owned park a benefit to the public while a private shopping center is not?’”


Testimonial by Peter Schiff

“In an easy-to-read style, [Schwartz] lays out the moral justification free-market advocates need to reclaim the economic high road from those self-described modern-day liberals who have misappropriated it.”


Testimonial by Booklist

“This thoughtful and well-reasoned essay will, for sure, evoke many spirited arguments on the altruism-versus-selfishness debate. . . . Case after case and news story upon news story he dissects with great care and logic.”


Testimonial by Dr. Edwin Locke

“It is taken as an axiom by most people that altruism is moral and self-interest is immoral. In a brilliant analysis, Peter Schwartz turns this view on its head. By explaining what altruism and self-interest really mean, he shows that altruism (self-sacrifice), far from being benevolent, is profoundly anti-life, and that self-interest, based on reason, is unequivocally pro-life. There is no doubt that America’s future depends more on this one, fundamental issue than on any other.”

Dr. Edwin Locke

Testimonial by C Bradley Thompson

“Peter Schwartz’s In Defense of Selfishness is a brilliant and timely book on the most important moral subject of our age: the battle between selfishness and altruism. Written with crystal-clear prose, penetrating logic, and a level of moral seriousness that readers will find compelling, Schwartz’s book should redirect America’s moral, social, and political conversation for a generation to come.”

C Bradley Thompson

Testimonial by Jonathan Hoenig

“Are you selfish? You should be, and Peter Schwartz knows why. In the breezy but passionate In Defense of Selfishness, Schwartz validates rational egoism as the only moral code by which humans can live and succeed. It’s not bad policies that are destroying the world, but bad philosophic ideas. From charity to religion to government to romantic love, Schwartz systematically incriminates the altruist ethics that likely lies behind most decisions you make, and presents selfishness-yes, selfishness-as the moral ideal. This radical book could change the world.”

Jonathan Hoenig


Science as Political Orthodoxy

There is an intellectual orthodoxy being imposed by the left, abetted by much of the news media. Certain viewpoints are forbidden—not simply regarded as wrong, but not permitted to be considered. We

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Has the Right Been Eviscerated by Trump?

Once upon a time the left and the right were political opposites. The left condemned capitalism and sought to expand government’s role in our lives; the right defended capitalism and endorsed limited government. Over the years, although the right became less and less committed to individual freedom and capitalism, it nonetheless presented a discernible alternative to the collectivism of the left.

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Cato Institute, Anarchism and Principles

I’ve long argued that the modern libertarian movement was born out of a visceral hostility to the state rather than an intellectual opposition to statism. Over the years, part of that movement has “mellowed,” so that its anarchist leanings are no longer openly manifested. . . .

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Multiculturalism as Tribalism

Multiculturalism is the demand that no ”culture” be elevated above any other. It is the demand that all beliefs held by various groups be regarded as equally valid and equally good.

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The Assault on Objectivity

Our postmodernist intellectuals claim that no objective reality exists; there is only the subjective world we create, shaped by the social class to which we belong. While this may seem like an ivory-tower issue

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An Interview (Audio)

TOPICS INCLUDE: ▪ Faith vs reason ▪ Is love selfless? ▪ Spiritual values ▪ The “greater good” ▪ Who decides right and wrong? ▪ Laissez-faire capitalism ▪ Role of government


An inspiring documentary about the mission to land the first men on the moon. 

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