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In Defense of Income Inequality

By Peter Schwartz (Tampa Tribune, March 30, 2007) The issue of income inequality reveals one of the ugliest aspects of today’s culture. The ugliness stems not from the existence of income inequality–but from the motives of those who denounce it. Income inequality used to be a rabble-rousing issue of the left. Now it is being

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Mob Rule Comes to Washington

By Peter Schwartz (Providence Journal, April 13, 2009) In dealing with AIG [American International Group], why are people pussyfooting around? They believe that the bonus money was stolen from the public and must be retrieved by any means possible. So why not bypass the niceties and just send in some well-armed “enforcers” to confiscate the

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American Appeasement in Iraq

By Peter Schwartz (Bucks County Courier Times, October 27, 2003; Providence Journal, April 11, 2004) As U.S. soldiers respond to attacks in Fallujah and elsewhere in Iraq, many commentators warn that a forceful, self-assertive campaign to wipe out the militant resistance would be disastrous. Disaster may indeed be looming—but only because of a lack of

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